Our TV Adverts

We’ve been producing adverts for TV and digital media since way back in 2002, where our first TV ad poked fun at the ‘cruise’ scene that was popular amongst youngsters and their souped-up Novas. Our latest advert takes a look back at the horrors of the past…

History. Wasn’t it terrible?

Thank heavens you’re alive now and don’t have to experience the horrors of the past. Unlike your forebears who had to suffer through terrible things like conscription, food rationing and dial up internet. Fortunately, today we are blessed with wonderful things that make our lives absolutely brilliant. Like Rustlers Burgers. It’s time we reminded ourselves that we live in a day and age where a delicious flame-grilled burger takes just 90 seconds to cook… and not in an era when children were forced to shovel coal.


Our Other TV Ads

Taken a look at some of our older ads below.

Hunger Monkey

Features the fantastic acting skills of ‘Lily’ the Rhesus Macacque monkey. Every care was taken to ensure the wellbeing of Lily, the Rhesus Macacque monkey which features in the Rustlers TV commercial.

One Finger Food

Making a Rustlers is so very easy, so much so that just one finger can do it for you! The star of this ad makes its epic journey to the kitchen to grab its owner a real Rustlers treat.

Wide Load – Rustlers Hot Subs

Our trusty finger character excels again in getting a Rustlers delivery sorted for our hungry guy. This time he was a little more inventive in getting our loaded product to its final destination.

0 to Tasty

If only everything was as quick as a Rustlers. Our lucky lad watches his date transform before his eyes in 70 seconds.

Boy Waver

Souped up cars were all the rage in 2002 and our first TV ad paid homage to this craze. Our lads gave the same treatment to their most important piece of kit; the microwave. After all Rustlers deserves the best equipment.